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About Jiangyin
  • >The Honors
  • >Location and Transportation
The basic competitiveness of county economy has been the first in the whole country for 14 consecutive years            [详情]
The transport infrastructure of Jiangyin city is improved gradually, with both internal and external traffic being smooth, and the...[详情]
  • >Foreign Economy and Trade
  • >Technological Innovation
Steadily grown foreign investment scale •During the “12th five-year” period, the number of newly approved overseas investment p...[详情]
Jiangyin city is grounded on a solid human resource base. Jiangyin city government encourages enterprises to take up technical R &...[详情]
  • >Climate and Culture
  • >Economic Strength
Lying in the temperate zone, Jiangyin enjoys four distinctive seasons and a pleasant climate, and is known as a land of fish and r...[详情]
  - Nationwide leading county economy and people-oriented industrial innovation               [详情]
  • >Commercial and Residential Environment
Jiangyin has been awarded as International Garden City, National Sanitary City, National Ecological City, National Secure Communit...[详情]
Development Vision
Urban Development
Carry forward the Jiangyin spirit of being unified, strong-willed, brave and pioneering, and make Jiangyin an international modern riverfron...
Advanced Manufacturing Industry
Modern Service Industry
 Jiangyin city's strong basis of manufacturing has provided advantaged conditions for the development of productive service industries.Jian...
High Efficiency Agriculture
Agricultural machinery equipment enters the growth period. “Agricultural +” model will see development opportunities. The mode of agricult...
Enterprises of Jiangyin
China Top 500

9 enterprises of Jiangyin are on the list
listed enterprises

Jiangyin has 47 listed enterprises, including 33 within the border and 14 beyond the border
new three board listed

Jiangyin has 51 listed enterprises
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